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Interested in hiring a real estate photographer?

If you're here looking, then I don't have to tell you all of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer.   You know your industry; you know real estate.

It is simple.  You want more listings and you want to sell homes!  For me, I want you to earn more listings and sell more homes.  It's a win-win!  Let's partner up and grow our business together.

My promise to you...

Professional quality images delivered in two sizes.  One perfectly sized to fit MLS, and the other for anything you wish to print on paper.  This ensures you receive the best quality per application.

Timeliness.  I guarantee all of my images to be delivered to you by the next business day.  This applies to real estate clients only.

Professionalism.  I have been a police officer for 16 years.  I live in a glass house you could say.  I present myself with professionalism both on and off the job.  Your clients will love my friendly personality, care, and attention to detail.

Partnership.  Your business is a direct relation to my business.  I want us both to succeed.  I will work with you, not for you in this adventure.

My offer to you...

Interior and Exterior coverage.  I believe there is a strategy in photographing a property.  My approach is like the preview to a Hollywood movie.  Show everything, and you are disappointed when you watch the movie.  You want amazing imagery that shows just enough to get folks off the computer and on the phone with the agent.  You want them to view the property and continue this excitement by seeing more than they saw in the photos.   This takes a professional to showcase the home in a strategic way.  I will deliver compelling images that tell a story.

Twilight photos.  There are two times each day that everything falls into place and magic happens.  Potential clients are scrolling through the MLS at lightning speed.  The first photo on MLS needs to stop them in their tracks!  I can do this for you by offering an amazing twilight image of the property.

Single Property Websites

Now this is cool!  I can create a website to showcase your property!  Avoid the distractions of other listings and just focus on your property alone.  Direct buyers to this website by linking it to MLS, social media, and any other way you choose!  We can create a custom domain such as "".  You really need to check this out!  We can add video, documents, floor plans, photos, your branding info, and all sorts of great things!  I can give you full editing access on a very intuitive interface that will allow you to change open house dates, photo arrangement, design brochures, social media photos, and the list goes on.

Floor Plans.  This is an awesome feature to add to your list of photos, or for print on a flyer.  Your clients will love you for adding a visual floor plan that helps paint a picture in their mind.  It enables your client to see the layout of their potential new home.  These drawings are for visual reference and are in no way intended to be an architectural blueprint of the property.  Pictured is a 3D floor plan in color.  You can also choose a 2D black and white.

Day to Dusk Conversion Photos.  It isn't always possible to shoot a property at the time of day it takes to get that jaw-dropping twilight photo.  No worries.  I can offer a day-to-dusk conversion where I achieve a gorgeous image through advanced post-processing techniques.  These are perfectly suitable for MLS coverage.

Aerial coverage.  I am a licensed drone pilot through the Federal Aviation Administration.  Give your listings an eye-catching look from above.  This is great for large properties and acreage.  I include aerial video in all of my walk-through videos, where permitted by law.

Professional Property Tour.  Don't confuse this with a virtual tour where still images are just zoomed and panned to make it look like something.  We're talking professional walk-through video of your listing.  I use professional equipment such as sliders, fluid heads, gimbals, and all of that nerdy stuff to provide you with an excellent video preview.  When possible by location, aerial video is used to capture the exterior.  Videos includes music, text, and even your logo if you like.  We can even work together to do a voice-over and portray it exactly how you wish.

Zillow Walkthrough Videos - Certified Zillow Photographer.  You're no stranger to Zillow.  Zillow videos aren't the quality of our professional property tours, but they offer a couple of things.  I offer Zillow videos at a very reasonable  rate to my loyal real estate clients.  These videos give a 2-minute glimpse of the property.  As you know, including these videos in your Zillow listing will rank them to the top of the search!  As a Certified Zillow Photographer, I can also upload our professional videos to your Zillow listing.  This can even include your branding!

Professional Headshots.  In your business, a "selfie" isn't going to cut it.  Present yourself in a professional manner with a high-quality headshot.  I can work with you to give you the look you want, whether that be business, casual, or a little quirky.  I offer discounted pricing for my loyal real estate clients.  The rates decrease with the number of agents per session, so we can schedule your entire team and save cash!

If you'd like to partner with me in this amazing adventure we call business, shoot me a text, give me a call, or send an email.  I look forward to earning your business my friend!

Jeff Riggins

(765) 625 - 1071

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