Who is Jeff - Jeff Riggins Photography

Who is Jeff Riggins?

Jeff Riggins is a real estate and architectural photographer based out of east-central Indiana.    His skills behind a camera far surpass his abilities in front of one!  His photography skills enable him to consistently deliver high-quality, compelling images that will set his clients apart from their competition.

He is a father of two amazing children.  This will be his 16th year as a police officer serving the citizens within his community.  He spent many years as a Detective Sergeant with the sheriff's department where, among many things, he received training in forensic photography.  He is a certified instructor in several areas and has provided thousands of training hours to both law enforcement and civilians.   He was also a business owner of a retail store for several years.  You could say that he has been in customer service most of his adult life.  

Jeff is a perfectionist that borders the line of OCD!  Taking pride in his work is of the utmost importance.  This goes beyond delivering great images.  The pride is shown in his professionalism, availability, timeliness, and outstanding customer service!  He looks forward to partnering with you to mutually strengthen our world of business.   

Random Fact: During the summer of 2017, Jeff traveled the state of Indiana and captured images of every county courthouse.   He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Most of the 3,200 miles traveled across 92 counties, were on two-wheels.   He is also an award-winning landscape photographer.  Some of those images are available in his portfolio.

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