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I Am Mad

Hello friends. I hope you all are doing great. As many of you know, I enjoy sitting down to write a thing or two. Usually when I write something, it simply just pours out. This one was no different. I thought I'd share it with you.  I am mad! Does anyone else feel this way? I mean, I'm happy and smiling almost every single second of every single day, but deep down, I just feel mad. I’d say a lot of us “good ole boys” are that way lately. It's almost an anxiety feeling. I'll just be spacing off sometimes and almost forget I'm supposed to breathe, literally. Kinda crazy! I don’t claim to be different than most. I'm just an average country boy. I like black coffee, cold beer, good music, a charcoal grill, and tailgates. I'm working my way back to a lifestyle that allows those things a lil more often. I'm not too intelligent and not too "dum" either. I'm just kinda average. Not too good lookin and not too ugly. I’ll give myself a 5.975, maybe a 6 on the weekend. I'm just kinda right in the middle. I'd say that's why I can relate to almost everyone. I've seen a lot in my day. I've been in the trenches and have had some folks drag me through the mud. I've never been a master of anything at all... ever! Someone with FB, Youtube, Google, and a keyboard can certainly talk over me on any topic any day of the week. Knowledge has no value in today's world, it’s at everyone’s fingertips. I've been purdy good at just about everything though. Not conceited, just a lot of hard work, no matter what it is. I'm not overly into politics and can't even tell you what "GOP" means. I don't really know about foreign policy or many other political things. Call me an idiot I could care less, because I'm happy with me.

As ignorant as I am, I still can't believe the politics in this country. Every single election, there's a team on standby with "dug up dirt" on the other party. They wait for just the right timing, and there ya go. Every political candidate spends a few months with prepared speeches as they talk about what is needed to win the vote for a particular audience. That's it. Just what is needed to win a vote. The fact is, one person can't fix all the jacked up issues in this country. Maybe that's why we've narrowed it down to these two! I fully agree that this country needs some sort of shake up and in a big way! That leans me to one side and not the other. No sane person wants to take the "hit" for all the things wrong in this country that they can not change.

I am mad about a police officer getting her head bashed in because she was afraid of media backlash if she used deadly force. Seriously?!? There will be many, many more incidents like this, especially with our new officers. All you couch-sitting, judge-their-actions-after-the-fact, hindsight, have-no-clue, never-walked-the-beat, no-idea-of-combat, don't-understand-what-it-takes, can't-decide what-to-watch-on-your-tv-let-alone-make-a-split-second-life-or-death-decision, think-you-get-it, little punks... shame on every last one of you! Sad! I am mad about the inequalities in America! Enough said.

I am mad about the disrespect that is shown from children to parents, civilian to police, and just one person to another. Why? Why is this okay in today's world? How do we turn that around?

I am mad about small business. As a business owner and consumer, I see both sides of the fence. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There's no way to compete with overseas, basement bandits and box stores. The big box store pays 50 bucks for something they sell for 110. No one questions the price, asks for a deal, beats down the price, they simply pay it. Walmart, Bass Pro, and all of the big ones. Nobody goes in there negotiating their overpriced items. Walk into the small retail business that paid 76 for the same thing the box store paid 50 for, the small retail is only selling it for 99. That smaller margin gets beat to death and if owner doesn't come down on the price, they're the bad guy. It takes a lot of those 23 dollar profits to make ends meet at the end of each month. It just isn't right! The country is price-driven and disposable. The small retail business world will be extinct one of these days. Self-checkout, Redbox, even a 2-min pizza vending machine coming to a store near you! Buy something from Ebay, but complain when there's no customer service left in America. When does it stop?

I'm mad that guns get the blame for things. There are many that don't see it's a people issue and not the guns. It's not an assault rifle. A gun is no more responsible for a death than the automobile that “causes” 35,000 deaths each year. Anti-gun laws won’t do a single thing to thwart criminal activity. Criminals don’t follow laws. Good citizens do. I could go on forever on this issue, but I won't. I'm mad that someone can't have a rebel flag, but others can fly whatever they want. I don't have a rebel flag, but if others can have theirs then I should be able to have that one. I can't believe they won't play Dukes of Hazard on tv anymore. Really? What ridiculousness! Just like changing the name of a football team because Redskins offend someone? What a bunch of idiots we are. How is that stuff not okay, but it’s okay to show the filth that is seen on tv today? I'm a guy. Because I'm a heterosexual guy, I am attracted to the opposite sex. I'm cautiously typing my sentence here. I don't want this to come back and haunt me if I run for president one day in 40 years (refer to an earlier paragraph), but a guy doesn't mind seeing certain things sometimes. That's natural. I can assure you, I'm no different than most! At the same time, when you have two young kids and you can't even watch regular tv without feeling embarrassed, that's ridiculous. Music videos and sitcoms talking about things that I just don't believe a kid should be exposed to. That's okay, but the Dukes of Hazard isn't?

Now, I cuss with the best of them, but I know when to and when not to. As a veteran cop that's seen some of the nastiest goriest stuff imaginable, you better believe I have a sick and twisted sense of humor sometimes, that's often how we cope. You also better believe that doesn't show when it's not appropriate. We are a bunch of Starbucks drinkin, foofoo wearin, politically correct sissies! I do believe the MAN is a dying breed. I mean the black coffee drinking, boot wearin, callused hand, scarred and tattooed, knows how to change the brakes and the oil, roof a house, grill a steak, and respect his elders... MAN. That makes me mad! I am a MAN and proud of it!

I am mad that the assistance system in this country is a better way of living than that of the working family. It just isn't right. A hard working family shouldn't have it so rough to pay for those that don't. Our amazing military family fights hard for our country. They return home with nothing but often times a messed up mind. The true sheepdogs in our society. They return home and struggle to conform to the society norm after seeing combat. I get it. No one understands. How do you talk to someone about the issues you're having when they can't possibly understand and will think you're absolutely crazy if they know what is going on in their head. We offer little assistance to them. Yet, we give everything to those in society that have done nothing, but are capable of doing everything?! If you want something in this world, get off your butt so you can train, educate, and empower yourself to get it! That’s how it should be, but in today’s world it’s not always the case. Whine and moan at work and do nothing, so those that work hard are tasked with doing more. The squeaky wheel gets the grease sort of thing. Instead of addressing those that do nothing, expect more of those that do everything. That’s the way it goes in today’s world. How jacked up is that?! There's another topic I could go on about.

I am mad that they are trying to take God out of everything. I'm not overly religious. I can't tell you the last time I went to church. I don't know if God is Jesus or if He is His dad. I don't even know who you're supposed to pray to, but I can promise you I pray often. Sounds crazy. I’m ignorant on that and a lot of other stuff, but I’m growing every day. I believe though! I believe that I've lived a good life, treated people right, made mistakes, and I believe that He believes in me too! I don't know any versus. I haven't read all of the bible, to be honest, I've tried, but I just don't understand the wording. I believe in God and in heaven. I've witnessed miracles. I have family up there waiting on me right now. I’m just me and not ashamed of that. I don't think I have to go to church to live right and to believe in Him. Call me an idiot, I don't care because I'm happy with me. I’ve never once claimed to be something I’m not. If you want to peacefully believe in Islam, well, that's fine by me, but you betcha if you can have that right, I can too! I should be able to pray whenever I want to. If I want to put "In God we trust" on something, then I should be able to.

As I said, I'm smiling almost always. I'm livin a good life. A little anxiety now and then, but for the most part.. I'm good. I just have a feeling that I'm not alone. I love this country, but I want it to back to good. I'd say many of you out there feel the same way too. I'm just an average guy that ain't too "dum". As an average guy that ain't too intelligent either, I'm not sure how we fix it. It stresses me out when I can almost predict the future and see it getting way worse than it is now. I’d say I need a little therapy either over a grill with beer in hand, in a treestand, on a boat, on the bike, hiking through the mountains this fall, or chillin on a tailgate with nothing else in sight but good ole country.

Let me know what you think

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