37 Years in the Books - Jeff Riggins Photography

Man o man.. Lookin back on 37 years in the books! I have not came anywhere close to accomplishing all I've wanted and wish to accomplish in life. I feel there are never enough hours in the day. Heading into year 38, I'm going to focus much less on success. It's not going to be as much about climbing the ladder, but simply enjoying the dirt where I stand. I have been blessed with an amazing life. Things have just always worked out one way or another. Nothing has ever been too bad. I've been dragged through the mud and fought in the trenches. There's no doubt about that. I've defended this and that, but damn I've got it purdy good!

I've seen rock bottom and man... When you've been there pshhh the rest is easy! I believe that things are what you make them. I'm blessed with some amazing friends that I know at the drop of a dime would be there no matter what. Ya just can't beat that. I ain't rich by any financial calculator in the world, but I get by.

If I want something I get it. If I want to go somewhere... See me walkin y'all! It's just that simple for me or anyone. The rest is just confusion. Year 38, team Inside Out is gonna be headin here and there on some amazing hunting trips, fishing trips, and getaways. I'm going to connect with my dad a whole lot more. Fishing trips at some halfway points West Virginia and Kentucky will be some fine weekend memory makers. I'm looking forward to a handful of 2017 trips with him. It's been too long!

I was talkin to a friend the other day who said they were a mess. Hell, I'm a mess too! We all are. Theres no shame in that. There's things that I do, say, or feel, that just doesn't make me feel like a good person sometimes. I have demons that I'm kickin the crap out of! They get up now and then and I throat punch and boot stomp them right back down in the mud! I have skeletons in the closet. Even through all that, I seriously smile 90% of every day.

I make the most out of every day because I realize ya won't get this one back. One day you will wish for.. One more day. Whether you're old enough to realize it or not.. Today is that one day! Think about that for just a second. Today... Is the one day you will one day wish for! I have come to realize that over the last few years, and I live it up brothers and sisters! No joke! If I want to do something I do it. I don't care if I fail, if others don't agree, or if I stand alone. Sometimes standing alone is exactly where I want to be on a topic. I'm cool with that. This is the one life you're going to get a run at. I choose to just live it up man. Year 38, I'm going to work to be a better me. Yep, gonna live it up like I have been. Don't you question that my friends, but I can certainly work to be a better person. I'll be a better friend to those who have been a friend to me. I'm looking forward to that! I have my own list of things I need to work on as a person and it's a long one! Believe me on that! Year 38 is a bit slower paced. A smell the roses kind of year.

Like I've said before.. Tailgates and bonfires. Piddling at its finest. Now my natural tendencies strive for more. That's something that can't be changed, but I can sure slow it down and tip back a cold one or two and enjoy those sunsets a little more often. Merry Christmas and thanks for the birthday wishes my friends. If you're reading this, I wish you a blessed and amazing 2017. Remember whatever it is.. A day with the kids, a relationship, or whatever, these good ole days... Whatever it may be.. You will one day wish for one more. You're answer is in today! As always.. thoughts from an ole dumb hillbilly.

I know I'm not all there, but feel free to tell me about it anyways!

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